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From Alex Jeffreys





I'm about to hand you EVERYTHING you need to know, step by every single step, to build your very own profit pulling subscriber list, jam packed with customers that WANT to send you money -- and LOTS of it!

This is the most powerful step by step list building success "cheat sheet" that you'll find online...

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Even if you've only been trying to make money online for a short while, chances are that you have heard the ole' mantra, "The money is in the list"...

If you're anything like I once was, even though in the back of your mind you suspected this to be true, given how so many well known marketers make incredible fortunes with their lists...

Perhaps you've put your list building efforts on the backburner because you didn't know how to build one... didn't know what to do... when to do it... or how to get started?

I say, "didn't" because...

What if in less than one hour I could show you EXACTLY how to begin building your own ravenous list of buyers that will virtually throw their credit cards at you demanding you take their money?

Well, I can -- and I'll do it on my own dime -- handing you ALL the insider strategies I personally used to build my own hyper responsive list from scratch into a 6 figure profit machine -- and it's completely step by step.

Now, you too can build your own enormously profitable subscriber list with my powerful new course:

Here's just a tiny fraction of what you'll discover in this power packed 52 page ebook and accompanying mp3 where me and fellow Brit and list building wild man Michael Cheney hand you your very own list building success blueprint:

  • Why the money is NOT in the list unless you do THIS...
  • How to systematically build a hyper responsive list that generates thousands per month in income for you!
  • Why recreating the wheel is fruitless and just whose wheel you should be modeling...
  • A peak behind my own business and sales process so that you know what to do, when to do it, and how!
  • Why the "give it all away" model is not only unnecessary but could be costly!
  • How to assure yourself enormous profits by avoiding shortsighted list building monetization efforts!
  • What "givers gain" is and how it could TRANSFORM your life entirely!
  • How to go from scratch to list building online success in 8 weeks or less from right now!
  • And so much more -- we're just getting warmed up here!

I'm obviously excited about being able to pass the torch to you with the same exact methods that changed my own life and took me from zero to 6 figure list marketer... but of course I might be a bit biased... so...

"I was very impressed with the content and the huge amount of work you did..."

Hi, Alex!

Your PLP ebook is the most comprehensive book on IM’ing that I have ever read. I am overwhelmed by it all, actually. I wish there was a way to be successful at selling digital information without JV’s, Mailing Lists, and doing all the promotion that you talk so definitively about but I suppose there is no real LAZY MAN’S WAY TO RICHES these days. LOL!

Few of the ebooks I have read talk so openly about the PROCESS of it all as you do in this ebook. What we out here are interested in is just what you gave the reader: a step-by-step method that works if you put out the effort. I can’t tell you how many ebooks are out there that hold back and never explain what it takes to make internet marketing work.

The “How to” business as far as IM goes seems to be one in which a huge carrot is dangled before the reader on a continual basis and what you usually get is pie-in-the-sky or photoshopped profits!

But you have really laid it all out and I was very impressed with the content and the huge amount of work you did behind the scenes producing this ebook. You are a natural born writer, too!

All the best,



"It's about time! Finally, an information product that I can understand and follow."

Hey Alex.

It’s about time! Finally, an information product that I can understand and follow.

I’ve been stuck in a depressing “buyer’s rut”, and didn’t know if I would ever find some useful information.

But now I know what I need to do to get going. I’m not really into the “make money online” niche, but rather in a targeted digital photography niche. I’m in the process of creating a new product, and PLP is just what the doctor ordered!

Thank you so much!


PS - If you’re going to in or around London on Dec. 17, let me know. My family and I are flying in on our way to visit her family, and it would be sweet to be able to meet you face-to-face!


In case you're wonderin... this stuff ISN'T academic... it ISN'T untested theory or hypothesis...

It IS proven and has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for me personally.

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There's so much more of these but this isn't about me patting myself on the back for a job well done -- rather it's to show you that this blueprint DOES work -- and works very well (not to mention FAST, as you'll find out for yourself).

Listen, have you ever wished that someone that has had success online would just "open up" to you and REALLY share just what it is that works for them?

Well, I am more than opening up with you... I grabbed my good friend and millionaire list marketer Michael Cheney and we laid out an actionable step by step cheat sheet that anyone can follow to build a loyal list of buy happy subscribers in mere weeks.

We hold nothing back -- it's ALL right here for you to copy and succeed.

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